Take control of your warehouse and inventory management!

Streamline and automate your warehouse operations by introducing tools and systems that manage day to day tasks and mitigate error and risk. Premier WMS solutions provides you with over 30 years of warehouse management and inventory management experience to turn your requirements into tangible solutions that save your organization time and money.

Our WMS suite of tools is the core of your Supply Chain Solution with user defined location rules, package types, picking rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques, and all other significant details regarding your operations. Extensive functions optimizes these tasks for you based on detailed algorithmic rule engines.


Mitigate Risk and Errors

Improve inventory accuracy and reduce data entry errors with bar-code scanning

Validate data in real-time to catch expensive mistakes before they become a problem

Integrate directly with other software packages such as Quickbooks or other ERP systems

Speed and Efficiency

Reduce latency by entering transactions and performing queries in real-time at point of use

Increase labor productivity with simple, customizable data and transaction entry

Every step of your operation from order release to physical inventories benefit from automated data collection

Accurate Data & Reporting

Accurate inventory, order and shipping execution snapshots through on demand reporting

System generated alerts notifying key individuals of important inventory events

Report delivery using Crystal Reports exportable to various formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, etc. ), emailing or faxing

Warehouse Receiving

Inbound Functionality

inbound module consists of a detailed set-up for all inventory types that could be received into a warehouse. Purchase orders, warehouse transfers, work orders, advanced shipment notices (ASN’s), returned materials and unexpected receipts.

Internal Functionality

Internal Functionality

Inventory and Asset Management is managed from the moment it is received at the dock door, including every step of the warehouse process until it is directed out the shipping door. Inventory and Assets are controlled at the item level by SKU number, quantity and location.

Internal Functionality

Outbound Functionality

Simple functionality gives the manager the capabilities of releasing single orders or groups of orders based on order number, facility or customer ID, destination, dates, FIFO/LIFO/FEFO, carriers, priorities, and any combination thereof.